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How Forensic Science came to the forefront of Criminal Justice.

In 1986, my Grandfather, who is a Forensic Scientist, worked on a case called the Wood Chipper Murder. This was the first case in North America where a suspect was tried and convicted of murder without a body. This case was so important to the development of forensic science because of the new tests and procedures that were founded by Dr. Henry Lee and the team my Grandfather was on. I focus on pulling the user through the events of the case, and explain on each page how these events tie into proving the importance of forensic science.

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Laying Out A Story

This website focuses on telling the story of Helle Nielson's case, and how forensic science solved her murder. In order to tell the full story, I first had to set the stage with the crime scene and work my way to the new forensic tactics that were used to solve this case. I emphasized some quotes and names to give a newspaper-like feeling, and added in scientific elements like measurments and annotations to reference the forensics.