Initially from Philadelphia, I am now working in Stamford, CT. I specialize in projects that straddle the worlds of analytics and arts, and I am always excited to bring my skills to a new project.

I grew up in a family of teachers and scientists, so my world’s viewpoint had always been very analytical. I also fell in love with art at a young age. When my Dad took me to work one day at his lab (he’s a Microscopist – works with microscopes – or as he likes to say, he “watches paint dry”), he showed me Photoshop. I was fascinated by the program, and I researched any and every job that would allow me to use Photoshop every day. Of course, I discovered Graphic Design and from then on it was settled – I knew I was meant to be a Graphic Designer. Given my background, I’ve had the ability to straddle the worlds of analytics and the arts, and I use this mindset to interweave data, research and visuals into graphic stories. My goal is to not only make beautifully designed work, but to create an informative visual story that connects with the audience.

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