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How can we provide children around the world with a proper education?

ExpEdition is a non-profit organization. Their mission is to provide children around the world, and in impoverished areas with a quality education. ExpEdition has a tablet application that provides children with interactive experiences that teach them basic subjects they need to know, like farming, mathematics, reading, and finances.

Business Development, Brand Identity, App Design, Website Design, Copy Writing

Art Direction \ Scott Laserow


Life Lessons

Children are learning around the world every day. For many, education is a daily ritual and is usually easy to get to and is a safe environment. But for others, just getting to the school building alone can be a dangerous journey. Even then, the school may be understaffed, or teaching lessons that might not be pertinent to those in certain areas. ExpEdition challenges itself to provide a well-rounded and easily accessible platform for children to educate themselves.


User Friendly

Many of the children receiving these donated tablets don't have much knowledge on how to use them or have never touched a tablet before. To ensure that the app was accessible to all kinds of skill levels. The thumbprint is a universal icon, and therefore has the ability to be accessible to audiences around the world, no matter what their background, ethnicity, or class level is. We use a thumbprint icon throughout our apps so that it can be accessible to a diverse audience of children and teachers.


Social Impact

ExpEdition has two different audiences. The first audience is the consumers or the children who will be using the app. The second audience is the teachers, and supporters (donators, volunteers, etc). Without a support system, ExpEdition would struggle. The first goal in gaining supporters is to help them empathize with ExpEdition's cause. The website is the first line of marketing—it helps educate people on what ExpEdition is, how it works, and how you can sign up and help. The second line of marketing is Social Media. One of the main campaigns is to have teachers in various communities give updates on how the children are doing with the app. This helps humanize the ExpEdition community, and show donators where their money is going and that they are actually making an impact on people's lives.